J.Co Donuts Coming To Greenbelt 3 In Makati

J.Co Donuts is finally coming to the Philippines.

When we saw that J.Co’s packaging in Malaysia already listed Manila as one of five retail locations (along with Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai), I was anticipating bringing boxes of these delectable donuts to my eating buddies at home. But, as of post time, this is what you will find on site, at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati, a sign announcing the shop’s impending opening.

J.Co’s first branch in the country, to be located at the Food Strip at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, is apparently slated to open come February 16 and the Greenbelt branch soon after.

I am what one would call an occasional doughnut eater as I find the present crop of fried bread hoop options in the market unapologetic in its sweetness. And J.Co donuts are a simply a breath of fresh donuts, er.. I mean, air, as they are not overly sweet!

J.Co’s flavors smack of gourmet desserts, with rather inspired names as Al Capone (which is my favorite, a white chocolate and almond topped baby, pictured on the storefront announcement above) and Chocolate Caviar (this one is chocolate crunch topped).

I was trying to get a good angle for my photos (which is hard because of the limited balcony space fronting the store and the fact that I was only using my Blackberry as camera) when a I saw a security guard approaching me with a no-no look. Lest the situation turn into a Dolce Gabanna Hong Kong, I quickly tucked my mobile phone inside my bag and moved on – but not before I returned his glare with a dagger look. :-D

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